Our Core Values

At Arctern, we offer a professional and stimulating work environment that values integrity and a culture that draws on each others capabilities and experiences to motivate and inspire one another to give of our best as we help clients become high-performance businesses.

Our Core Values have shaped the culture and defined the character of our young company, guiding how we function, behave and make decisions.

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Employee Fullfilment

Valuing time through right fitment

We take great care to ensure we recruit the right person for the right job. Recruiting right does not end with an offer letter. We nurture and encourage employees to drive their careers forward at Arctern, ensuring they are working on tasks that best matches their skill sets and experience at all times.

Rewarding and recognizing employees

Our employees are our greatest asset and the primary reason of our success. We recognize, reward, and celebrate their accomplishments.

Career pathing toward growth & fulfilment

We are committed to providing employees with opportunities for personal and professional growth. We encourage investment in continuing education and training, and provide multiple opportunities for professional advancement and empowerment within the company.

Building Workplace to be an extended family

Our workplace is a like an extended family, centered around the following values:

  • Trust: We emphasize integrity in every aspect of our operations. We treat our employees with respect, fairness and integrity at all times and expects the same in return. We must be scrupulously truthful with our clients, our coworkers, and ourselves in our professional and personal actions and work
  • Work-life balance: We encourage our employees to balance their work and personal responsibilities through various programs. We strive to provide employees with the tools and opportunities necessary to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle
  • Personal support: We seek to provide employees an environment where the company helps them exceed their own expectations. Equally, we want them to feel that they can count on the company to help them deal with personal problems that might adversely impact their work performance, health, and well-being.

Customer Evangelism

Work for Them It works for Us

We exist because of our customers. Only by satisfying our customers first do we have the opportunity to satisfy the needs of our other stakeholders, including employees.

Listen to Them and Lead the Way

Customer satisfaction and loyalty start with listening. Listening to customers and really understanding what theyre saying, is critical to build effective solutions that meet their needs.

Treat them Well to Soar the Skies

We believe that our customers wish to see us succeed. Pleasing every customer is extremely important to us. We will always go out of our way to act in their best interests.

Work Culture

Code of Ethics

Integrity, honesty, credibility, and reliability are the foundation of who we are at Arctern. Our Code of Ethics and Core Values are expectations of professional behavior that extends to all employees both in their interactions with one another and with others.

Global Culture

Utilizing global skills and respect cultural diversity

We embrace diversity of people, cultures, races, and religions. We see it as a critical advantage in our quest to become a global leader in our chosen space. We are committed to investing in multi-cultural awareness programs to enhance partnerships and help benefit our customers and employees across different geographies.

Identifying global needs to strategize

We will identify customer needs from a global perspective and factor it into the design, development, and distribution strategy of our services. We will invest in the latest technologies to bridge physical distances between our customers, employees, and other constituencies around the world

Connecting globally through people and props

We will invest in the latest technologies to bridge and narrow the physical distances between our customers, employees, and other constituencies around the world. We will also invest in multi-cultural awareness programs to build better partnerships and help benefit our customers and employees across different geographies. Arctern will aim to be a company without borders driven by its own global culture yet respecting local practices.

Give Back

Each year we will give back to the underprivileged and non-profit organizations that help the needy. Giving back can be in terms of financial aid as a percentage of annual profits, volunteering services, donations of services, sponsored events, and so on.