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    About Us

    Who we are
    Arctern is a global provider of talent, technology & consulting.
    Competitive Edge
    Being truly competitive in a global market place means taking advantage of all of the creativity and innovation the world has to offer. lt means driving continuous process improvement, efficiencies and automation.

    lt means taking advantage of creative workflow design and optimal resource utilization. Arctern helps companies compete in the global marketplace.
    Company Overview
    Founded in 2OO4, Arctern provides Optimal Workflow Design and Scalable Workforce Distribution. We analyze and document current state processes, recommend strategies for efficiency, and deliver technology and service solutions that sharpen your competitive edge.

    By combining talent, technology and consulting, Arctern delivers efficient, cost-effective, flexible solutions. Offerings range from Software Development, Application Maintenance & Technology Integration to Business process Optimization.
    Team with us. Compete with Anybody™